Ros Ingram – Ceramic Artist

Born in Stratford upon Avon, Rosamonde has a B.A. (Hons) in Three Dimensional design (Ceramics) from the University of Wolverhampton School of art. She recently returned to the University to teach the first year degree course.

Rosamonde has an international reputation as she has exhibited all over Europe, Scandinavia, Dubai and Californai. At present her work can be seen in a number of UK galleries through the current prestigious “Made in the Middle” touring exhibition organised by the Arts Council.

Rosamonde has taught in many schools throughout Warwickshire and also works with community groups running workshops. She has also run workshops for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Ann Hathaway’s Cottage, etc..

Rosamonde works in a converted stable at her home near Stratford upon Avon. Her aquatic creatures are an interesting combination of brightly glazed hand-moulded ceramics and reclaimed and re-cycled domestic objects such as tins and old tools. On closer inspection you will find a dorsal fin made from old G-clamps, perhaps a body from a Brasso tin. The heads and tails are cleverly constructed to emerge fluidly from their bodies.

Rosamonde undertakes a variety of commissions including public art.

Click the images below to see examples of Ros’ work