Robin Walden – Ceramic Artist

Robin began courses in pottery with Deborah Baynes and continued part-time ceramics with various potters, including Marcus O’Mahony, Sophie MacCarthy, Nic Collins, Svend Bayer, Micki Schloessingk.

In 2003 Robin moved out of London to Oxfordshire, set up studio outside of Chipping Norton and was accepted as a member of Oxfordshire Crafts Guild in 2007 before joining the Chipping Norton craft cooperative and then more recently, The Gallery at The Guild Cooperative.

In Robin’s words:

“I collect and have been strongly influenced by early Chinese ware, especially Song dynasty. The classic forms of wheel-thrown ceramic were laid down around that time and those simple shapes retain their archetypal power. The Chinese tradition began to lose its strong creative dynamism after the Song period, in spite of extraordinary later technical and aesthetic achievements.

I find the Japanese ceramic achievement up to the present day of much greater interest, and have found enormous inspiration in the simple power of both tea ceremony vessels, and contemporary masters such as Koie Ryoji and Hamanaka Gesson. Having worked in an area that required regular visits to Japan and as my wife is Japanese, I have visited Japan and ceramic sites and museums many times”.

Click the images below to see examples of Robin’s work