Robin Wade – Ceramic Artist

A member of the Designer Craftsmen Association Robin Wade, Ceramic Artist, has been designing unique ceramics since 1978.

Robin has been making work of her own design for interior and exterior location, integrating work with that of other ceramic artists and interior designers

She specialises in the design of wall tiles, decorative panels and functional details for the living environment.

Robin also works with community groups, running workshops and coordinating projects for the design and construction of large tile features for public spaces – schools, clinics, nature reserves etc.

Working with a light bodied porcelain stoneware enhanced by a palate of rich, subtle colours, she uses a range of ceramic techniques to produce work to enhance all aspects of the home and working environments.

Operating from a tiny workshop, Robin specialises in the design of unique decorative tiles and panels as well as a range of smaller functional features and vessels.

Click the images below to see examples of Robin’s work