Louisiana Chapman – Contemporary Art Installations

Louisiana has a B.A. (hons) in Art and Design by Negotiated Studies from the University of Central England and an M.A. (p.g.cert, p.g.dip) in jewellery, silversmithing and related products from the University of Central England School of Jewellery.

Louisiana has enjoyed using her creativity since an early age and believes that we all have creative potential ready to be tapped into. She enjoys encouraging others to experience the pleasure of using creativity in whatever form it may take.

Having been brought up within a rural environment Louisiana has always had empathy towards nature and this is a strong inspiration behind her work. Her more recent creations have moved on to include the juxtaposition of the urban with the rural environment, centring on our connection with nature and how we have altered the environment to satisfy our own needs.
“I don’t intend my work to be viewed as being more aesthetic than the source inspiration but as a different view of an already beautiful form.”

Colour is an extremely important factor within Louisiana’s work. She has an intense love of colour which originally featured prominently within her work; experimenting with the idea of mixing both two dimensional and three dimensional mediums originally playing with the idea of wrapping three dimensional form with two dimensional artwork and moving onto bringing three dimensional form out of a two dimensional surface.

Louisiana tends towards being a mixed media artist working mainly within the disciplines of Printmaking, Metal, Plastics, Photography and textiles, “I like to push the material source I’m using as far as I can using the material what ever it may be, in an unusual or unexpected way I have to experiment with the material in order to learn its properties this way you tend to get a few “Happy Accidents on the way”.

Click the images below to see examples of Louisiana’s work