Bianca Edmonds – Jeweller and Sculptor

Storytelling, narrative and the mysterious language of dreams captured the imagination of Bianca Edmonds from childhood, and continue to inspire her creations now.

As an ‘army brat,’ the daughter of an American military man and Japanese mother, she travelled around the world and was exposed to mythologies of various countries. These feed into her work: the figure of Crow stealing the sun to give the gift of light to humans; a boy-god riding a giant koi; a tirelessly galloping horse that represents creative power.

Growing up in the American Southwest, she was influenced by Native American artwork and beliefs. Animal figurines, called fetishes, represent the energies of the animals they depict and impart the guidance and insight of that particular animal. Because Bianca feels a strong connection to animals, many fetish-like figures make their way into her work.

Through her mother, Bianca gained appreciation of ceramics; organic forms; wabi-sabi, or the beauty of imperfection; and asymmetrical balance.

Bianca has been a resident of the UK since 2000 and the Cotswolds since 2006. She lives with her British partner and their cat, also British, as evidenced by her love of scones.

Click the images below to see examples of Bianca’s work