Alice Shepherd – Ceramics

Alice was born in Pretoria, South Africa. After completing a Higher Diploma in Ceramic Design at the Technikon, Pretoria, she moved to Port Elizabeth and set up a teaching and working studio there until she relocated to England in 2002. Alice’s involvement with the Association of Potters of Southern Africa led her to take part in numerous exhibitions and she demonstrated her approach to clay through several workshops.

Alice’s inspiration stems from happiness and contentment, perhaps the reason for recently opening a studio for the first time in England. She finds source material in her daily life especially in her dogs and other animals. There are two aspects of clay Alice enjoys the most, one to work completely expressive, fast and intuitive, the other to make timeless, refined vessels which mostly involves throwing on the wheel. Alice works mainly in low firing stoneware and loves drawing and painting slip on the wet clay. Most of Alice’s work stays unglazed or partly glazed and she uses oxides to create depth and enamels for colour.

Click the images below to see examples of Alice’s work